If goods go missing You list it on the database (for free - You are also welcome to make a donation if it will make you feel better rather paying)

This list is available to everyone on earth (for free - and you can get Rewards)

Chances of somebody finding out that something they have bought or are about to buy is stolen is huge. Thereby making it difficult for the criminals "wheelers and dealers" to sell it, so less of it will be stolen.

I need to lash out in anger and disgust with:

Big Companies ( Corporate )

  • reluctance to use the system
  • excuses like: - we have insurance
  • -we will need to employ someone to do the work...
  • - etc etc

Crimestop does have value for Corporate!!

Crimestop: If companies start listing their goods on the site, they will stop loosing goods because it will become very difficult for criminals to get rid of their goods.

CEO: So what?

Crimestop: Your market will not be flooded by half price offers.

CEO: So what?

Crimestop:: You only regain the cost of the goods by claiming from your

insurance vs you make a profit on selling it.

CEO: So what?

Crimestop: By not fighting crime you are supporting Crime.

Insurance Companies:

  • reluctant to list stolen goods on crimestop
  • who is going to do the work ?
  • lists of stolen goods are confidential - I was even prepared to do the typing for them
  • they will be investigating the viability.... (Do some Cost accounting-work out which way will they be making more money)

I don't think they know what they will do with the goods, once they get back. Or if they really want it back.

It's Much easier to hike up the Insurance PREMIUMS.

There by all of us are losing.

Internet Service Providers:

  • for operating in a crime "driven" country and not putting a quick link to a site that CAN beat crime.

There is a lot of value in it for you and your clients.

Big Companies, Insurance Companies, ISP's, People of a Crime "Driven" country lets fight it.

What YOU can DO!! (Companies, Insurance Companies, ISP's and people)

Promote this service.

List goods that are stolen from you - their is value in it for you.

Check all goods when you buy it (even if it's new) there is value in it for all of us.( or maybe not - maybe we should promote that CRIME DOES PAY?)

Be associated with in your marketing - in your culture.

Insurance companies get involved - for the reason of combating crime -I know it's easier to hike up the premiums.

If you can't see that this service can be valuable to you - CONTACT ME!!